Buying Shares

If you wish to become an owner of shares in NCCC Holdings Limited (Company number 10337743) (referred to in this website as the “Company”) then you may apply for shares by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

If you decide to apply for shares in the Company then you will receive an acknowledgement of your application by email. If your application is successful then you will receive a demand for payment for the shares that you have applied to purchase.

When the Company has received applications valued in excess of £1,000,000 then the Company will issue new shares in the new Company to the successful applicants for the shares.

If the Company fails to receive applications for shares at a figure of more than £1,000,000 then no shares will be issued in the new Company at this time and all applicants for shares in the new Company will be informed that the share allocations will not take place.

Please note that no application for shares is guaranteed to be accepted and you will not become a shareholder until the Company has notified you that you have been successful and the money subscribed for the shares has been paid to the Company.

Each share will cost £250.

You may apply for as many shares as your wish.

Each share purchased will entitle the holder to one vote at every meeting of the members of the Company.  The Company anticipates that at least 4,000 shares will be issued at a price of £250 per share although the Company has reserved a pool of not less than 8,000 shares at this price as the Company has set itself an ambitious target of raising £2,000,000 for the Cricket Club.

The Company will only have one class of shares and therefore each share and each shareholder will have the same right to vote on matters affecting the Company, the same right to receive information about the Company, and the same right to receive dividends from the Company (if any are declared).  

The more shares that a Shareholder has, the more votes that they can exercise at meetings of the Company.

No shareholder will be permitted to acquire more than 25% of the entire shares in issue at any time.

Holding a share in the Company will not entitle the Shareholder to attend cricket matches at the County Ground. If you wish to attend a cricket match at the County Ground then you will need to purchase either a Season Ticket or an individual ticket on a match by match basis. You do not need to buy shares in the Company if you wish to own a Season Ticket. If you wish to find out more about Season Tickets, please click here.

Share Application Form

Making A Payment

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